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The HAF 912 is a great case and has room for whatever you want to do. Plus it's like $60.

For a PSU i'm a fan of Corsair's builder series (CX) and Gamer Series (GS). More than 650 watts on an 80plus PSU will be seriously inefficient and you'll be throwing money away. Multi +12v rails are for redundancy. Corsair makes high quality units. Heck, just look at the reviews at Hardware Canucks on them :)

Get a Corsair H60 cooler. Even if you never OC your rig it'll make things much quieter. And if you do OC the CPU you will have the best bang for your buck cooler.

Go with the i5 unless you plan on video editting while listening to MP3's and having your anti-virus run a continuous scan.. then go with the over kill i7

Always go with Monitor over TV. Nothing a Monitor can't do that a TV can... unless you use rabbit ears for TV... But who doesn't have Digital Cable or Satellite these days?

HDD wise. sorry... never had a problem with one in 15 years... be it WD, Seagate or Hitatchi.
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