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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Andy View Post
I have to agree with the display issue. 1366x768 is just too small of a resolution. I made the mistake going with it. It's fine if you watch video or play games but if you actually want to get any work done beyond using Word, it just isn't adequate.
Yeah, I hate my 1280x800 screen on my m1330, so I think 1366x768 would only make matters worse.

$1500 is just a bit much to cough up when I'm pretty sure it's not worth that.

Not that it feels cheap by any means, but it didn't really feel like aluminum when I looked at it in store. I only quickly looked at it though, probably should of spent some more time but I hate Future Shop. I always feel like there's vultures (sales people on commission) circling around me.
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