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My System Specs

Default Sony VAIO S-series

Anyone own one of these or have some decent links of reviews?

I've been considering replacing my XPS m1330 with something newer/faster, and the S-series seems like a good fit without spending over $2000. I like the 13.3" form factor so my choices are pretty limited. The Z-series looks amazing but it's a bit too expensive for my tastes.

Samsung's 9-series is alright too, but it has no dedicated graphics which is a bit of a let down. And for the price, I might as well get the Sony with AMD hybrid graphics.

I was looking at these two at Future Shop:
Sony VAIO 13.3" Intel Core i5-2410M Laptop (VPCSB11FXB) - Black : 13" Laptops and Smaller - Future Shop
Sony VAIO 13.3" Intel Core i5-2410M Laptop (VPCSB21FDB) - Black : 13" Laptops and Smaller - Future Shop
Which on the surface seem identical, but one has slightly better graphics HD6490 vs HD6470. Also the one with HD6490 has a Lithium-Ion battery and the HD6470 one has a Lithium-Polymer battery. Not quite sure if that matters, but it seems polymer batteries are more stable and last longer (recharge cycles).

Then I came across the CTO from Sony so that I could get the 1600x900 screen and HD6630 1GB graphics.
CTO | Customize | Sony Canada
But that's basically an extra $500 for graphics and higher resolution. Seems a bit much, but I could handle it. I'd drop the Blu-Ray and bump the CPU up to the i5 2540m. I know I could get a free PS3 this weekend, but I think I'll pass on that as I don't really need another console. I'd likely wait until they have a sale of sorts (they had a $200 coupon at the beginning of the month). Clearly there's a $200-300 markup in that price.

I could live with 1366x768 but I'd really prefer 1600x900 or 1920x1080. Seems to be a tough feature to find though in this 13.3" size.

But then I noticed that Intel is launching it's "ultrabook" platform design which seems like it might suit my needs/wants as well, but those aren't due until later this year and apparently no manufacturers have been able to meet Intel's $1000 price-point.
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