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Default Computer Crash

Hi guys. A few days ago, my computer BSOD'd while I was watching a video. So I booted it up again and it BSOD'd right as Windows loaded (I have Vista, so basically after the loading bar finishes and the round Windows icon appears). I don't quite remember what it said because it was late and I had stuff to do the next day. So next day, I boot up into safe mode, and I actually manage to get onto my account (everything was still there) and I saved my important documents to a USB stick. However, it BSOD'd again. Seeing as it seemed to let me access Windows for a bit if I let it rest, I waited and started it again. This time, it still let me go into Safe Mode so I backed up the rest of my documents. But after another little while, it of course BSOD's again. Since I had all my important documents, I decided that it wouldn't hurt reinstalling Windows. But I decided to try "Repair" and "Windows Restore" while booting from the Windows disk first in case I can still rescue my programs and stuff. During the "Repair" process, it gave me an error and followed to BSOD. So I give it a while, start up again, and try the "Restore". However, in my stupidity, I guess I forgot to turn System Restore back on after I was clearing old useless Restore Points. So I go back, and try to instal Windows. I got a BSOD again. I don't remember exactly the messages said, but I think one of them was somewhere along the lines of corrupt system 32. It said it might be because of newly installed hardware or software. I didn't instal anything new (hard or soft), so I decided to unplug as many things as I could. I booted it up again and this time it gave a black screen saying something about bad HDD. So right now I'm thinking it's either my HDD's problem or my SATA ports problem. I tried replugging my HDD to different SATA ports, and it seems fine. Also, my ODD can load the windows disk. Should I just RMA my HDD, or do you guys think theres another problem?

Also: How would I wipe my drive clean if I have to send it back to RMA? Seeing as I only have 1 HDD I can barely boot into Windows..

Edit: 0xc00000e9 when Itry to boot to Windows Vista DVD

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