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Default Soundcard or DAC for Stereo Setup on PC

Hi everyone,

I have recently started into the magnificently addicting world of building my own speakers. I am currently working on an Overnight Sensations build (will post pics when done, just will be doing all the final wiring and finishing in the next week or two) and will be using these 2 bookshelves for my computer setup for listening to music.

Currently I have just the onboard audio for my eVGA 750i FTW motherboard, but am trying to figure out what to get on top of this. I have a Dayton DTA-100a to power the speakers, but I am trying to decide what to use to connect them to the computer. I dont want to use my onboard, as I know it will not be good enough in sound quality. I mainly listen to FLAC, and would like to get something that can reproduce this well (sorry if I am missing anything, still just slightly working my way into the world of the audiophiles )

Should I be getting just a ASUS PCI-e sound card like the Xonar, or should I be getting a DAC to connect to the computer? Budget would be $100 max to be able to complete this setup.

Thanks in advance,

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