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Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
If thats a reference 8800GT keep an eye your temps those videocards have had problems with the fan not keeping up with heat output and can get very hot.

BTX Form Factor!! A really poor attempt by Intel to make a change to the motherboard layout you can see exactly where the limitations of it begin as you experienced with a larger video card.
Aye that is what all the reading I have done says and yet even after extended gaming card seems to peak at 68-73 degrees. I am thinking it must be the BTX form factor / fan setup. Still I agree that it is quite clunky.

Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
Glad to see you had such a fun time with it all, let us know when you plan on building a new rig I am sure everyone here will be glad to help out.
You read my mind . Although it won't be for awhile maybe even a year or more. I mostly upgraded this machine in preperation of Age of Conan MMRPG (Dx10 game) release coming up. And at this point I should be able to crank that up pretty good.
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