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My System Specs


The 8600GT is choked by the 128bit memory interface and 32 stream proccesors with little bandwidth available performance in todays games are practically unplayable at resolutions higher then 1024x768 with high settings. Like you, I had to upgrade from the 7600GT which is practically the same as an 8600GT performance wise, even with 2 in sli COD4 Modern Warfare brought it to its knees.

A compliment on the cable mangement in your case looks great minimal clutter even with my bigger case and components its still a crowded mess hopefully that will change when I get my Antec P182.

If thats a reference 8800GT keep an eye your temps those videocards have had problems with the fan not keeping up with heat output and can get very hot.

BTX Form Factor!! A really poor attempt by Intel to make a change to the motherboard layout you can see exactly where the limitations begin as you experienced with a larger video card.

Glad to see you had such a fun time with it all, let us know when you plan on building a new rig I am sure everyone here will be glad to help out.

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