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My System Specs


For PSU look at XFX, Corsair, or Seasonic. Seasonic is the OEM for most of XFX and Corsair anyways. A single rail, one with a decent rating is more than sufficient for what you are looking for. Something in the 500w to 650w range wouldn't break the bank, and give you room to expand later. Maybe look at something modular to cut down on case clutter.

I personally prefer Western Digital hard drives, only because I have never had one fail, not that I have a lot of experience compared to some people on thses forums. One of my sons killed his laptop hard drive, by dropping the laptop on the floor...nothing the OEM can do about that (I think it was a Seagate). Now having said that I don't think there is a huge difference between OEM other than people's personal choice.

As dangtx said go with the HAF 912, plenty of room for you to work with. I am really happy with mine.
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