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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post

I haven't seen much destruction in this map, it seems as though walls are harder to destroy than in BC.
From what I read, destruction is mostly disabled in the Alpha.

Some thoughts of an alpha-tester taken from BF3blog (not going to copy/paste all of them, but some highlights:

Feels more like Battlefield 2 than Bad Company 2. The pace is a bit quicker than in BF2, but it appears it’s because of the map and the Rush mode.

3D spotting has been revised. It feels like you need to be more accurate when spotting enemies than in Bad Company 2.

Hit detection feels much better than in Bad Company 2.

Just as crisp and lifelike as in other Battlefield games. It sounds more realistic in BF3, kinda like “war tapes” in Bad Company 2.

There was only one vehicle, the LAV-25 APC. Controls felt like Bad Company 2, but the cannon firing and sounds were much more realistic, as if you’re in a real APC.

Animations are way ahead of Bad Company 2 or any other FPS.

The lighting is amazing, both in doors and outdoors. Also, you can only shoot out some of the interior lights, not all.

Full article here:
Battlefield 3 Alpha impressions - Battlefield 3
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