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My System Specs


I have one. I just got delivery of it on Tuesday. I paid $399.99 Canadian.

Some high points:

1) Measured contrast ratio of over 1100:1 and a deep black down to .04 cdm/2 which is the best I've seen for an IPS panel.

2) Color gamut is exactly, or slightly above sRGB

3) Backlight has a huge range of adjustment. From 340 cdm/2 down to 45 cdm/2 without contrast loss, which is a good thing

4) Viewing angles are typical eIPS, but the ability to lower the backlight helps with the black off-angle "mirror glow"

5) Nice stand. Adjusts to up to 6" off the desk down to about 1.5", rotates and turns left and right to 45 degrees

6) Responsiveness and input lag both seem good.

7) Typical grainy/sparkly/dirty anti-glare is fairly low in comparison to the U2711 (for example)

8) Custom color mode can be used to help with calibration without needing a colorimeter and software combo

So far I'm liking it a fair bit, and it's making a good case for staying on my desktop for a while. I also like the fact that the backlight is LED. It has very good regulation and it should last in terms of brightness longer than CCFL. CCFLs show a degradation in brightness after 5000+ hours, and at around 10,000 hours you'll see possibly just above half brightness.

It's not supposed to compete with the U2410, but keep in mind, for Windows unless you particularly need wide gamut, it just makes colors seem garish and over-saturated, especially greens and reds.

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