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My System Specs


Build: Twofour

Now that the planned specs for BOSServer have been finalized, so too have the specs for Twofour. Twofour will make use of the new ASUS Z8NA-D6C so that my existing Z8NA-D6 (no C) can be used in BOSServer. What's the difference between the -C and non-C variants? Not much really. The non-C variant has 8 onboard SAS ports which are activated by a controller in the ASUS PIKE slot. I don't know if PIKE is a proprietary connection, but I've not seen it on anything except ASUS boards. Here's the kicker about PIKE, though... the only hardware RAID option for the PIKE slot is the ASUS PIKE 1078E - but there is no BBU available for that unit. The 1068E is software RAID only and does not do parity RAID. For software-based parity RAID, your only option is the ASUS PIKE 6480, which is EOL. I have one and must admit that I do not recommend it. The 6480 is based on a Marvell 88SE6480 controller and suffers from both poor performance and poor reliability.

But that's neither here nor there when it comes to Twofour. All the RAID-relevant stuff will be in BOSServer; Twofour is just a folding box now. In terms of the CPUs for Twofour, I have a pair of Intel Xeon E5645's and a pair of Q3QS's (basically Xeon E5649's) that I can use. I'm not sure which ones will go in Twofour yet. It sort of depends on if my SR-2 (in Shoebox below) prefers the Q3QS's or the E5645's.

Cooling will not be a problem here. Even though there will be a total of 12 processing cores (and 24 threads) jammed into an ATX form factor, the Z8NA-D6C does not offer any overclocking functionality at all. Not even software overclocks using utilities such as SetFSB or CPU-Tweaker exist for this platform. Therefore, at bone stock, these chips won't be kicking up too much heat. Nevertheless, I want to keep it nice and cool, so I will be using my Corsair H70's in this rig. Combined with the high-airflow HAF922, I don't anticipate any heat-related issues at all, which is good news for 24/7 folding in the dog days of summer.

Anyway, without further delay, here are the planned specs for Twofour (keeping in mind the CPU choice is yet to be finalized)...

Motherboard: ASUS Z8NA-D6C
CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon E5645
CPU Heatsink: 2 x Corsair H70
RAM: 6x2GB Mushkin Silverline DDR3-1333 CL9 RAM
GPU: Integrated
Case: Coolermaster HAF922
PSU: Antec TPQ 1000w 80+ Bronze
HDD: WD 640GB Black
Optical: Pioneer DVD-RW
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