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My System Specs


Build: Ziz

Ziz is Leviathan's little brother. Almost the exact same computer, just with lesser processors. Originally, Leviathan had Opteron 8356's to Ziz's 8354's. After the upgrade, Leviathan will have 8439SE's to Ziz's 8393SE's. Opteron 8393SE's are Shanghai quad core processors on a 45nm manufacturing process. So while Ziz will remain a 16-core machine, its frequency per core will improve from 2.2GHz to 3.1GHz plus additional processing efficiencies related to the die shrink.

I'm cheating a bit here because, well, this upgrade has actually already been done. (Anybody want to buy some Opteron 8354's? ) I'm going to be putting on same fan grills over the next couple of days since I have a tendency to do this to myself:

So when I open it up to put on the grills, I'll be sure to snap a few photos.

The significance of Ziz was that I took a bit of a risk with the processors. Technically, S4985 only supports 65nm Barcelona and the low-end 45nm Shanghai processors with HT1. But I had read all about how the S4985 could be upgraded to the more expensive S4985-SI with a simple BIOS flash, making it compatible with 45nm Shanghai and Islanbul processors with HT3. I had an opportunity to scoop up some 8393SE's cheap locally (paid $400 for all four), so took the plunge. I'm happy to report that the rumours are true and my 8393SE's have been working wonderfully in the vanilla S4985. How wonderfully you ask? How about world record 16x wPrime 32M and world record 16x wPrime 1024M wonderfully? With 16 core Bulldozers due out soon, those records won't stand for very long - but hey I'm enjoying the infamy while I still can.

Like Leviathan, Ziz is a pure folding box. So while wPrime numbers are fun and stuff, all that really matters is how it folds, well, here are the PPD results so far:

P6904 = 155,000 PPD
P6903 = 145,000 PPD
P6900 = 95,000 PPD
P2684 = 85,000 PPD

Obviously, if you contrast those numbers with Leviathan's above and take into consideration that the old Opteron 8354's are 100MHz per core slower than Leviathan's 8356's - then that represents a significant improvement.

So, I will end off here with a run-down of Ziz's post-makeover specs. Again, red denotes the new stuff...

Motherboard: Tyan S4985
CPU: 4 x Opteron 8393SE
CPU Heatsink: 4 x Coolermaster TX-3
RAM: 8x2GB Samsung DDR2-667 Registered ECC RAM
GPU: Integrated
Case: Coolermaster HAF932
PSU: Seasonic SS-850HT 850w 80+ Silver
HDD: Seagate 7200.10 320GB
Optical: LG DVD-RW
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