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Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
I fail to see how posting in multiple different forums with a different social circle attending each has any bearing on how this gentleman feels over product support...regardless how much said MSI 'issue' is (in my opinion) a non-issue.

Do you only ever tell your best friend a problem, and never any other living person? I'm quite sure if you were bladed by a shady car dealer, you would tell all your different social circles of friends.

Well, he is using the wrong tone/approach.

Product support?

I realised that it had only been 4-5 months since my warranty expired and so I contacted MSI support. I thought to myself "Sure, it's only a 3 year warranty but MSI wouldn't want a customer to be burned on one of their flagship boards by having it fail essentially right after the warranty ends." I didn't expect a replacement but I thought "Maybe they'll send me a coupon that I can use to get a discount on another MSI motherboard to replace this one." Well, their answer was "We are sorry, but your warranty expired in March of this year." which was basically the same as "Get lost kid, ya bother me!". I didn't even know what to say in reply because I didn't anticipate that response.

Car dealers are probably the darkest of the black in society.
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