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My System Specs


Hyperthreading does not help that much for video transcoding as the real cores, it will give you around 20% more boost than without HT, but the Core i5-2500K in 4 cores does the job in the same amount of time as the phenom II X6 with 6 cores. PSU : Corsair and XFX Core series are both manufactured by Seasonic so both very dependable, a very good option, or take something at least 80 plus bronze and single rail design. For case I would prefer a something that has the HDD cages oriented at 90 degrees to face the lateral panel of the case, not to impend with the 6pin connectors of the videocards : there are still a lot of manufacturers of videocards that put the connectors in the back instead of on the side which makes installation of cards to be a PITA, especially if they are the long version, 10.5" inches long, like the GTS 250 for example. Small TV for display.

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