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You would need to buy a dedicated graphics card were you to buy a P67 series motherboard and the only benefit of a z68 series motherboard is to allow you to overclock unlocked chips, which you shouldn't be/won't be buying for an htpc.

The 2100 should do video playback just fine, as on Intels website it claims to support HD playback, of course I can try to see if my 2100 (which is my server) can handle 1080p playback to verify this, but I'm fairly certain it will.

If you want to save some money you could go with an AMD build which will end up saving you at least 100$ on the whole build as they seem to have a very good niche market for htpcs
Any/all of these claim to have 1080p playback, now they are mini ITX, which may or may not make a difference, but for the price of under 200$ (processor and motherboard, hell you could probably include ram in that sub 200$ price) there is nothing near what intel can provide which will match for the same money spent. - Buy Motherboards In Canada.

Note, this is for essentially a pure HTPC setup scenario, I can't guarantee how it'll perform gaming wise.
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