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Default New HTPC. Advice?

Hey guys just a quick post before work. I have decided after a quick boxee box trial that it is time for me to build a HTPC. Boxee box was nice but I soon realised it is too restrictive for my needs. Music playback left much to be desired after using itunes for the last few years. Plus I still would have to buy a dedicated blu-ray player eventually.

Right now I am in the saving and planning phase of my build. I can play the waiting game forever so I figure I'd like to have it up and running by the end of the year (which in itself is probably too long of a deadline).

I'm truly looking for some advice on components or anything else that may come to mind. First attempt at a HTPC. The main mission is to stream content off internet with boxee or another similar program, as a blu-ray player and to watch movies/play music off my current computer over wifi. Secondary would be some gaming eg gta4 (not the lightest games) but gaming is not exactly top priority. Budget wise I wouldn't mind keeping it low(ish) don't want to get near $1000. Figure $600 is a bit more realistic.

Case - Antec fusion remote
Love my old P182's build quality, plus with an included remote I can't really go wrong.

CPU - I3-2100 or I3 2120 maybe even I5-2300
Not too sure if either chip is better than the 2100 for HTPC use.

MB - Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 or Asus P8P67-M PRO
Completely pulled these out of the air, haven't really looked too deeply at MBs

RAM - 4GB PC3-10600 DDR3
Brand not really a concern at this point.

PSU - NO idea ~400w
Something that is powerful enough to be able to add a discrete graphics card down the line without being overly noisy or complete overkill.

Other components will include a Blu-ray drive and a HDD I'll steal out of my current PC.

Thanks in advance guys.
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