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Actually, I take back what I said! Appartently I was grossly misinformed!

I just did some more research and actually came across a review showing 5870s in tri-fire and 5970s in crossfire. 5870 tri-fire outperformed the quad-fire setup (poor scaling and support) in just about every benchmark. It also outperformed tri-SLI 480s in most cases.

Go pick up some used 5870s and enjoy the hell out of them.

Are you planning on putting 5870 crossfire in your other system or adding them to your main rig? If adding to the main rig, go with tri-fire, not quad. If adding to another machine you can still pick up a single 470 to SLI with the other one you have to have comparable performance (to 5870 crossfire) without spending much money.
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