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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Your_friendly_gamer View Post
I think so Sugar J,

I was having so many issues with my new huild and i think it had to do with the PSU. When I would you use one card and a few less fan it would work but then when I put both vidoe cards it started screwing up again.
It's not the fans, they only draw a few watts each. The PCI-E cables run off Rail 3 or Rail 4. When you put 2 overclocked 470's on there, I'm sure they are trying to draw more than 25A per rail.

I'd try it with one 6+2-pin and one 6-pin to each card, at stock. If it runs ok, put your OC back on and see if you have issues. If so, get a single-rail PSU, or one with more Amps on each rail.
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