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My System Specs


I've had many T series and this is not one of them! I knew I wasn't getting a port replicator port on the bottom (understood), but I didn't think I'd be missing a HDD activity light, battery indicator LED and wifi indicator LED either.


- Weighs less than a T series but feels just as sturdy
- matte finish screen
- lacks the bloat-ware installed on the T series (Surprisingly clean!)
- Newer chicklet style keyboard still worthy of the name ThinkPad
- intel HD video easily handles Sid Meier's Civ V ;)


- my biggest concern is the function keys on the laptop. They default to (brightness, sound, wifi) and only work as a real FUNCTION key (i.e. F4) when you press the Fn key on the bottom left (beside Shift and Ctrl). This is turning into a major pain when I'm in SQL Studio Manager running queries and trying to program stored procedures.
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