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Is the HAF 912 really a better case? Just asking as it's kind of fugly and unless it's a signifigant improvement I'd prefer the Antec aesthetically.

I'd like to keep the HD at 1TB as I rather need the space for home movies / photos, and the Sound Cards pretty cheap at ~15 after MIR, unless integrated sound is alot better than it used to be. Do you find the 6950 to be that much better in real world performance as I picked the 6870 being as it seemed close in performance unless the resolution goes above 1920x1080.
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So I'd like to save the $100 if I can. And thanks for the Welcome!

I also wanted to see if DirectCanada is a decent retailer - never bought anything from them before and they had the best price all told - I'd prefer to order everything from one store to make it easier to keep track of parts in case of warranty /RMA.
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