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Thanks for the responses guys. Something else I haven't really figured out is how to know what ingredients make which potion. When I click on the formulas tab in the journal it shows what formulas I know (willow isn't there), but even then it just shows what catagory of ingrediant to use. It just says something like 2 parts aether and 1 part reubis. There are many ingrediants that are either an aether or a reubis, and I tried just randomly mixing something and it turned out to be poison. When you have all the ingredients for a potion on your list, you can click on it and it shows you then what goes in. Do I need to write it down on paper or what? And how do I figure out how to make willow? I checked that link and it says the book of the wolverine, but that appears to be at a later part of the game. The good news is that I went back to and older save and made myself the blizzard potion, so I have that now too.

Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.
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