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Originally Posted by BrutalGreen View Post
now u see the reason for that is ur dedicated card is AMD (ie no support for nVidia's proprietary physx software). Thus, your system is trying to load physx (parallel computing optimized API) to the CPU which is better suited at serial computing! It's kinda like trying to get a CPU to render graphics to a lesser degree...basically hopeless to run physx without a compatible GPU! now if your main GPU was nVidia and u did the benchmark comparing with and without dedicated GT430 physx computing then it would be more of a real world interest to this, and I presume then the effect would be negligible or even detrimental if the main GPU is far more powerful than the dedicated physx card (in such a situation the physx card would be the bottleneck).
Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
You should also be turning down the settings as there is no point in having all the visual eye candy setting on if you drop below 30 fps constantly, which you are without the 430.
That was kinda the point of why I posted it. I specifically wanted to show the difference a dedicated physx card will do for you if you have an ati card as your main. If I turned down the settings then that would kinda defeat the purpose of what I was trying to show.

Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
nice. although i think a 430 s a tad weak for physx.
I actually tried my friend's GTX 560 the other day but unfortunately I don't still have the card or I'd post more results. I can say however that it didn't make much of a difference compared to the GT 430. I checked the load on the GT 430 and it wasn't even maxed yet.
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Yea I haven't updated much in a while. :(

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