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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Actually, when you think of what most folks are doing with their computers these days, multi-cores makes a lot more sense than higher clock speed.

Multi-cores might not benefit most gamers as those are looking for pure processing power, but imagine how well multi-cores work for the average computer user who wants to run 6 or 7 non-intensive apps at once. Rather than having to share processor time, each app can have a dedicated core all to itself.

I'm not sure if XP is smart enough to do that, but folks who know a bit about the way things work can easily set it up in task manager to run individual apps on separate cores.

That my freinds (IMO) is the wave of the future!! :)
Windows does process affinity automatically; you can bypass it to run on a particular core if you want though with the Task manager.
Its actually thread affinity that XP does though, meaning if a process opens multiple threads they may run on different cores, if allowed.
Right now I have 51 processes, with 507 threads. If I open Outlook, I have 52 processes and 521 threads.
Most programs are multi-threaded, and windows will automatically assign them to the cores available according to load.
I wont even go into games here,
but Id love to have my 500+ threads spread out over 12 cores rather than just 2.
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