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Default Dedicated Physx Card Difference in Alice Madness Returns

So I just wanted to post the differences i get in game for "Alice Madness Returns" with and without a dedicated PhysX card. As you know my 5850 obviously can't do physx but lets just see how big the difference is. I used the Hybrid Physx Hack to get the two cards to play nice each other and just edited the alice game to use the gt430.

My system:
HD 5850 (Main)
GT 430 (PhysX)
Q6600 @ 3ghz
8gb Ram
120gb Revo Drive

Both tests were done in the same section of the game with PhysX set to High. The one without the GT 430 was longer because it was harder to beat the monsters with all the lag.
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HIS 5850
120gb Revo Drive
4x2gb Patriot
Yea I haven't updated much in a while. :(

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