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I recently tried to migrate a 3-way reference 570 1280 setup to 3-way 6970 2048 as I found the 1280 MB VRAM to be somewhat lacking at 5760x1080. The cards were impressive at first during tuning/oc, but then I started playing games and found out that the two games I'm currently playing won't run "properly" due to the drivers (big surprise o.O). I put the 6970s back in their boxes and promptly returned them. Big waste of time that was. I now run a 3-way 570 2560 setup. They're non-reference, run hot and scream like a banshee at default fan profile, but my current games work without a hitch. The theoretical potential of the hardware doesn't matter much if you can't use it properly, if at all. Experiences differ of course, but this is mine.

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