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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Iphikratous View Post
Have you used AMD cards recently?
4 X 6850's (XFX) First set was Vanilla, second set was the Black Edition
2 X 6870's (XFX) Black Editions
2 X 6950's (XFX) Reference Editions
1 x 6970...

Plus all my support tickets too for the cards I sent back to find they were okay(even after all the trouble shooting with Support) and the emails of them telling me to go back to the drivers that came on my CD until the issues got sorted out.

I find that the issues are case by case, it depends on what game you play when the issues happen. Some people go without one problem, others have it constantly.

Arinoth here as well can testify to the joys of the 6XXX series cards.

Plus the builds I have done for clients...

I actually have pictures somewhere here of my Armor 90 with my 6950 in it...


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