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Default Need help with the original Witcher *spoilers*

I am at the part where you need to decide to either side with the witch or the villagers, and the hellhound kills me every time. I am trying to side with the witch, because the villagers are racist so screw them.

My main problem is the stun effect the hellhound has, I don't know if its called "pain" or just what it is, but it dominates me. I have put spectre oil on my sword and have upgraded fast and group style a few times, so the green dogs are no problem. I usually stick close to the witch during the fight so she doesn't die, since she heals me. I have made it to the point where all the green dogs are dead, and the witch is alive, and its just me and the hellhound, but the hellhound stuns me and kills me every time. I should also mention that I have a tawny owl and swallow potion already going, I took them just before the cutscene, and I use ard to knock down the hellhound as much as possible but it just gets back up. I am playing on hard mode.

Any thoughts?
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