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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Because intel will still sell the same amount of chips anyways because the only people buy SB-E are people who either need an e-peen extension or people who actually need the extra speed. These are the people who will buy them either way so intel probably doesn't care.
You also forgot to add cause the flock will lisen to what intel & others say to them & the " oh you GOTTA buy a intel cause there the best period !! ". Meanwhile they could probly be happy doin what they normaly do with a AMD based solution + cash in the pocket if they ignored being another "sheep".

I still remember ages ago there where peaple that swore up & down that ya gotta buy the intel cpu & intel branded board cause "it was the best period". $700-1000 later for the cpu & intel branded board ... asus comes along & has the same board chipset, higher preformance AND $100 less ... how long do you think it took the consumer to see intel's decievement on there products.

If you ask me BOTH company's are seeing there lines startin to have less n less left on them ... but i think while amd may not have the equal preformance to intel (don't think either company will till 1 of them folds) I feel AMD is making more + developments in the technoligy market. I mean how many generations now has intel massaged/stimulated/manipulated the SAME base architechure in cpus now ?? by my calculations i believe its 5-6 now ...

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