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My System Specs


Originally Posted by tyreman View Post
If it was me I would opt for an Antec case.
A lot of the "other" cases(I know not all) do not even have large enough openings on the rear for the fan exhaust.
Some follow good practises.
A lot have very small air openings where the fan mounts
You mount a fan behind that, sure it exhausts some, but its noisy to.
And thats why.
Over the years I have had to neatly remake them and install chrome grilles.
So I use Antecs now.
But to each his own.
You can often pickup some pretty good deals on slighly used Antec models as people upgrade to new ones.
I agree...

My new case is on the way I decided to go with the Antec P182 performance one. The price was a determining factor I have read many reviews and everyone has been very pleased with the features. I really like the dense side panels used for noise suppression and pretty much every area of the case either has foam strips or silicon groments for anti-vibration of fans and hdds. I am really looking forward to the install I can't wait to rid my case of all those wires and hide them behind the motheboard now that I have proper case to do it with.

Check out direct canada there's a wide selection and if you're lucky shipping is only $9.99 Purolator ground.

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