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My System Specs


So is your budget $80 for both keyboard and mouse?

You don't want to have wireless peripherals for gaming as they do glitch every so often, especially if there's someone in radio range with something running at the same frequency (and it it's Bluetooth or proprietary 2.4GHz, that's very likely). The other issue with wireless keyboards is security. Unless something's changed and they use at least 128-bit encryption, assume whatever you type on the keyboard to be public. If you note my comments below, I also don't like wireless mice because for me they're too heavy with Ni-MH batteries and the momentum they maintain when I move the mouse around annoys me.

It's really a personal preference thing: How do you hold your mouse? What kind of games?

I'm still experimenting with keyboards myself, so I'll let others comment. My keyboard is actually the one that came with my Dell desktop from 2006

For mouse, I personally use a Microsoft Sidewinder x5 because it has a high DPI tracking (most laser or "gaming" mice satisfy this), and it's wide but light so I can push it around with my palm. Now if you hold the mouse differently, you may be in the market for a different kind of mouse. Razer and Logitech may also have something you may like.
Don't forget a good mousepad! Again it's something to experiment with: I settled on the Hardware Canucks mouse pad on its rough surface because it allows me to glide the mouse easily and quickly. It's more comfortable for me, but I pay for it in shooters because it moves around too easily (although my FPS aim is bad to begin with).

Go to a computer store and check them out in person if you can, and maybe we can help if you get a short-list.
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