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Yeah...that mechanical keybaord guide is great!

I'm certainly not a mechanical keyboard connoisseur, but I'll pass along a few thoughts. I've had the Steelseries 6Gv2 (MX Black) and now have the Razer Blackwidow (MX Blue). I don't have any experience with the MX Browns, though. I think between the MX Blacks and the MX Blues, I do prefer the MX Blues. The MX Black keys were good to game on since there was no tactile feedback. But I do agree, the actuation force is just a bit too high for me with long periods of use and this is the reason why I no longer use it. However, it was a great keybaord in terms of build quality.

With the MX Blues on the Blackwidow, the actuation force is definitely lower - not so low that you'd accedently hit keys, but it's enough that I can type on it for some time without feeling fatigued. I think the MX Blues are OK for gaming...I mostly play RPGs and FPS games and haven't really been bothered by the tactile feedback on the keys. However, the switches are definitly louder...I usually game with headphones, so it's not a big deal. But, if there's someone else in the room, I can definitely see them getting a bit annoyed.

Hope this helps!
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