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My System Specs


Thanks, I have actually lurked here for quite a while when doing bits of research on various hardware, but never really had a reason to join... To be perfectly honest, I don't have the same soft spot for the Coolermaster cases as I do with the Thermaltake cases, they just come with so many damn bells and whistles, especially internally. I've been reading reviews and benchmarks all night, clearing up what is actually out and not.

I was under the impression that Skulltrain was out from all the talk I have been hearing, but I guess I was wrong on that.

Considering I want to do some SLI, my only logical choice is 790i chipset motherboard, though I am slightly wary. I've used nvidia chipsets for years, and everyone has had all kinds of quirks. Anyway, this is what I am currently looking at.
  • QX9650
  • XFX nForce 790i Ultra
  • 2 9800GTX (If I need it, I can always grab another later)
  • Armor+ Black Fulltower with ESA
  • 4 or 8gb of DDR3 OCZ or Corsair (deactivating pagefiles ftw)
  • A yet to be determined 1000w+ PSU
  • A yet to be determined water cooling setup
  • Any other bells and whistles.
I'd like to use the large vents on the bottom of the Armor+ to install a decent radiator. I'm almost completely new to watercooling though, so I am not sure how that works.

Also, it should be noted that I live in a very old building, with very shoddy wiring. My Enermax has served me well, as it has survived the constant flickers of power, and power outages that seem to only plague my building. I've worked for a bit fixing computers in the area, and one of the most frequent problems I see are dead PSUs.

Can anyone recommend a decent pair of headphones, something that has very high quality cord, or a replaceable one if such a thing exists. I have a serious problem with breaking corded peripherals, especially headphones. Im very rough on them, and I always end up with a pair that only has sound coming from one side.

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