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Default Your experience with a mechanical keyboard

I have been considering for some time getting a mechanical keyboard and figured now is as good a time as any other.

Now my issue is I am not quite sure what kind of switch to get. So I wanted to get HWC members' experiences with the various switches, in terms of comfort and gaming.

I have been looking primarily at getting either a Steelseries 6GV2 or 7G (so MX Blacks) or a Metadot Das Keyboard Silent (MX Browns). My main issue is I have read that Blacks are stiffer and are more likely to lead to fatigue but are considered to be more for gaming (also the quietest, of the Cherry switches at least). Browns require less force but are slightly noisier (though I don't think the noise will be of that much concern) and are a sort of middle ground between the "gaming" blacks and the "typist" blues.

I unfortunately don't know anyone with a mechanical keyboard, and while BB does carry some mechanical keyboards, they didn't have any on display for me to try out.
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