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Now I remember why I wasn't so fond of PvP servers. They re-opened Deepstrike to transfers, so I transferred my level 50 warrior over there to re-unite and play with my son. (We got separated when they opened and closed transfers to that server in the same day).

So there I am in Fortune's Shore, grinding away at a large zone event, and there's 2 stupid little shits running around and stabbing everyone in the back to pad their PvP stats. I got tired of it, and just started stalking them. Kill them, run to respawn, follow and kill them again. Then they whined and cried, and I got swarmed by 8! Defiants, so I logged off. I hope that's not typical on that server, or I'll just do group dungeons and raids. And spend more time on Keenblade. :)
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