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Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
I bet they run pretty hot though the whole outter mounting system in theory is a heatsink, I'd still want a couple of fans blowing on them.
One of the reviews I read on this hard drive said they ran one heck of alot cooler than the raptor it replaces.. THe reviewer stated he was pleasantly suprised at the much lower temperatures.. W/D also will void the warranty if the drives are removed from the heatsink. It was also stated that western digital thought the drive was 90% optimised so we could see a little more performance out of these yet which would be a bonus.. Ill buy 2 as long as the retail version benchmarks are at least the same as what I saw..I've got a TB here already so all I need is the speed for my os and programs/ Games AND I'M then a happy camper.
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