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>>>should I just put everything on the revo drive (O/S, productivity apps + WoW)<<<

Yes. Use your mechanical HDD for data storage only.

>>>I know SSD supposedly have limited i/o cycles, what about the revo drive? anything I can do to make it "last" longer<<<

Don't sweat it. NAND rewrite limitation hasn't been an issue for years, since SSD capacities have increased.

Even with the reduced rewrite capability of today's triple level cell 25 nanometer NAND, your SSD will be obsolete before your NAND goes read-only.

Just remember that all bets are off if you overfill any SSD. If only a small portion of the drive is available for wear leveling and idle time garbage collection, performance and longevity will suffer.

This is why all bulk data storage should be on HDDs and the SSD should be used for the OS, apps, swapfile, etc. As long as your SSD is being used at less than 50% capacity, write endurance shouldn't be an issue.
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