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Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
any Phenom II x4 will run circles around core 2 quads, the 940 kills the Q9550, so that really shows you how C2Qs really compare to newer generations.
AnandTech - Bench - CPU

A 940 hardly kills a Q9550, in fact the Q9550 seems to beat it.

Sorry for some reason assumed xp with 32 bit.

Modern video cards don't even flinch going from dx9 to dx10, if he was running xp, so he would be limiting(bottlenecking) the ability of the card and appearance of the game, not fps, to run current effects that would have choked out his 8800, that wouldn't matter if his cpu was bottlenecking his card and show the power of the new card.

Back to OP. If you are buying a 2500k you must be planing to OC it, in which case you will want an aftermarket cooler anyways, which will work whether you go with intel or amd. If you are waiting a month or so we should hopefully atleast have a bulldozer release date. So I'd get the cooler and have a little fun playing around with your old system.
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