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Default Need help picking drives for new High Capacity RAID 5 array


My current file server uses 5x500GB WD Caviar Black drives in a RAID5 array on a Dell CERC 6 port RAID adapter. It has been running 24/7 without a single issue or failure, which is absolutely necessary because I don't have time to be fixing storage servers in my spare time.

Since my storage needs have recently increased (wife's data) I'd like to move to something in the range of a 6TB array. I have a new RAID card ready to support larger than 4TB arrays, but it is limited to 4 ports.

I was looking at the amazing deals on the WD 2TB Greens recently, but there are a lot of accounts of them dropping out of arrays due to the eco-friendly spindown. This is not an option.

If I go with the 2TB blacks, do I have to worry about any spindowns or issues? What about some enterprise-class SATA drives like the old Samsung Spinpoints?

I am looking for some new ideas and best direction to achieve 6TB array. Thanks!
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