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Originally Posted by Teal3800 View Post
He is running win xp 32bit, more ram will do nothing for him as he already has 4 gigs. Your Q6600 will bottle neck it some. You could buy an aftermarket cooler, see current hardware canucks evga cooler review for options, and oc your Q6600, which will help you out. Maybe you'll be lucky and hit 3.6-3.8. You will also be able to use that cooler on whatever you upgrade to whether it's sandybridge or bulldozer.

If you are playing at a lower resolution than 1920x1080 you may not be getting the increase you expected, should be atleast double the fps of your old card, due to these cards being cpu bound at lower resolutions, especially in directx9. Once you started adding directx10 with aa and af, you'd really notice your new card outpacing your old.

So you're definitely cpu bound and OS bound, possibly monitor bound too.

Also did you install the latest nvidia drivers?
Hardly OS bound and monitor bound. Cpu bound perhaps.
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