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ok I can do that....

I digging out my old notes and noticed this... ASrock has a bios utility that is either 5 or 10 % what it changes is HT from 200 (auto) 210 (5%) 220 (10% this is a no windows starting BSO instant)
Muskin Memory is 1600 but at defualt is 9-9-9-9 24 at 668 (1300???)
So I did lock memory at 7-9-7- 24 at 800 (1600) which is on the package...

I can see the advantage of a slight bump as am retesting with 3Dmark eleven at stock speeds scored 3856 up to 3.6 (currently doing this by hand X18 and HT of 200 ) 3867...

I am also wondering if this bench marking is not prime 95 " happy" cause it will crash within 2 minutes but in Overdrive or 3d mark will run complete 15 minutes or so???
Hope that is all making sense???
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