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My System Specs


I bet they run pretty hot though the whole outter mounting system in theory is a heatsink, I'd still want a couple of fans blowing on them.

In regards to their size it doesn't take much these days to eat up 300GB considering the size of games, movies and applications the additional 300GB ensures that you will enough space over the longterm. I can speak from first hand experience I can tell you price was not a factor when I purchased 2 WD Raptor 36gb but size became a factor down the road, honestly people don't buy these drives with storage space in mind they buy for their speed. Its so that games load faster, applications install faster and your computer all around feels a little bit quicker. Even with my maxtor drives with all the fancy features sata2, NCQ and 16mb cache in raid 0 still don't equal the raw performance of a WD Raptor.

When looking at the evolution of harddrives they are lightyears behind where everything else in the computing world today, the only other thing i would consider is a SSD, but that itself is years away from being affordable, the write rates still need work and capacity is getting better but nothing compared to whats available.

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