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My System Specs

Arrow Your are limited by your PSU not your money

With all due respect to all the fellow posters, however the only problem with all these recommendations is that the Acer is limited to a (poor) 220W PSU. Now with that power supply, I would be even supprised if it could run using anything over a GT 315 - well, yes it could but for how long.

Now, if you can upgrade your Power Supply from the 220W to at least a 400W, and I assume that your case can take a dual-slot card (the rear connector takes-up 2 or more pci-e slots), then you can get your hands on this video card from newegg: Palit NE5S4500F0601 GeForce GTS 450.

Please note that this card requires a minimum 400 Watt power supply.

Do correct me if I am wrong, I just would not want anyone to fry their system due to unitended negligence. It probobably wont even start with the Palit card, but with a GT 430 or equivelant it might be a different and very short story.
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