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My System Specs


Hey Kapt Crunch,

Thanks for going through so much trouble. Unfortuantely, I sent it up this morning, as I only have access to a computer at work or my wife's laptop. I think I had done most of those. You know what I did roll back the bios version to 1.5 as it did say it improved memory operations. booted it same stuff, updated it to 1.6 which was released in March and no improvement. I sent it xpresspost with Canada post and hopefully i get it bask as soon as possible. It's so weird not having your pc. I cant even fold as well, though I am new at it and part time as well. Anyways , thank you so very much for going through so much trouble, I really appreciate it!

Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
last kick at the can
since you have out of case just hook up cpu/fan, gpu, PSU, 1 stick of ram.
boot up so that you can get a bios screen to check what version have
current is 1.6 with Update CPU Micro Code.
- Update LAN option ROM.
- Update USB3.0 module.
version 1.5 with Improved memory compatibility fixes

ok now that booting remove power cord and push start switch on MB to drain caps

then clear cmos
or remove battery for manual don't show clear cmos jumper

after done this then update bios if needed be by usb stick format FAT16 with bios file
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