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My System Specs


Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
4DoorGTZ you also need a 20amp wall outlet to feed that monster
I wont be maxing out both PSU's it will probably end up being 1400w from the wall, it will require its own curcuit tho. Currently have 1100w+500w+crt monitor on one curcuit just fine.

I stoped by memex today and got 2 strider gold's. I like how the guy trys to sell me the product protection plan "you know for higher end items its worth the money" to wich I replied "I've only ever had a piece of crap $30 psu blow on me and it was overloaded" and he replies "well maybe you're due then?"


Quality pieces, not overloaded will run for 5yrs +

Have an A-1 day!
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