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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Water cooling is not THAT silent. Proper fans with a air heat sink and you'll have about the same audible levels.
I agree, somewhat. Watercooling if you're just doing the CPU isn't any more silent than one of the oversized tower -air- coolers with a high quality 'silent' fan. That is, if you're running Sandy Bridge or not overclocking any of the i7's or still have an older Core2 cpu. One of my other systems actually runs more quietly than this extremely noise optimized main systems I have -- but only because it's running a stock speed i7 with a massive tower cooler and 2 NoiseBlocker fans running at 600rpm. Stays well within spec, and matched with a fanless GPU and even Powersupply... it beats the hell out of my watercooling system for silence.

My WC'ed system has a PSU fan, 6 radiator fans and 2 exhaust fans. All of the fans are NoiseBlocker multiframes, running at 700rpm and less with a fully sound deadened case and isolated pump etc. and is VERY silent, but still you can't forget I have a total of 9 fans in the system so it's never going to be as quiet as a lower-end air cooled system like the one above.

WC makes a difference, and IMO is ONLY worth it if you have the top-of-the-line equipment, and especially the latest GPU's are just not worth having without being watercooled - way too noisy.
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