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Default Spinrite followed by an OEM install

My desktop running XP died recently unable to boot from the WinXP partition.

When I boot from USB with Puppy Linux, I'm able to mount all the partitions/drives except for the XP partition.

My first thought is to get Spinrite and see if I can get the partition working again. Sadly (I know, I know) I do have a few data files on there I'd like to get my hands on, so I'd really like to see if I can get those files.

I was then considering doing an upgrade to Win7 by getting an OEM edition (I built the PC). Since it's not an in place upgrade, will I have any problems in any way installing an OEM Win7?

So I guess two main themes:

1) have you guys had success with Spinrite? Worth the purchase?
2) safe to assume I can do an OEM Win7 install if I format the XP partition?
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