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Default StandardLAN - Guelph LAN Party (TBA)

Hello HardwareCanucks!

In the past, I, along with others that are now on the StandardLAN team have hosted events within Team Downpour/Downpour Reborn/Torrential Osmotic. Torrential 3 (T3) is a prime example of past events.

Downpour/Torrential Osmotic has since essentially been dead. We are starting something new.

"Does it have a name? It's name is StandardLAN." It will be, like past events, hosted in Guelph, ON.

We are just starting to get our site together and only started working on it yesterday. I think it looks great, it just lacks content for the time being.

We do not have a date set nor do we have anything planned currently. We will let you know in a new post. This is just to give you the knowledge that we exist.

Please follow us on Twitter @StandardLAN & like us on Facebook.

You are welcome to check out the site as well though there is not much there yet other than some photos of past events, about the administrators, past sponsors and FAQ.

Please check it out and when the time comes, do consider coming.

Our LAN's Site: StandardLAN
Our LAN's Twitter: @StandardLAN
Our LAN's Facebook: StandardLAN
My Twitter: @TheVakman
My Sites: TerminaStandard, Gadgico and Drinkico
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