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as far as the panel goes, basically u get the panel with currently the highest contrast on the market...and u also get much wider viewing angles and more precise color reproduction (you can use this tool to see how far off ur current monitor is) all these are inherent advantages of VA/IPS over cheapo TN. In addition you get a better stand with height adjust pivot/portrait etc (which imo alone is worth 20$) and even a built-in 4way usb hub...

ASUS does technically have its disadvantages on paper as nothing can match TN panel's response times, but Ive seen that same BenQ which im currently using side by side with the big brother to that asus (27 inches) and there is no perceivable difference in the ghosting even scrolling through black on white text!

P.S. the benq does also come with a bunch of fancy gimmicks like infrared user sensors and ambient light detectors which you will never use but does artificially inflate the MSRP but at 200$ its a steal!
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