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My System Specs


Chris, I did do that, and I think that maybe the issue hmmm. You see I took out my cpu from my mobo to apply the new thermal paste I got. i put the cpu back on and then everything went well. I played dirt3 for a couple of hours. Everything went crazy when I came home from work that day. I work nights. Stupid thing just wouldnt work. And trust me I hate when that happens. I am not very good, I am a pretty much of a newb to lga 1366, my first i7. Then I finally got hold of MSI people and the guy had no idea what he was talking about. I read at some places on google about that as well.

So I did trouble shoot it for over 8 hours. I did take out the cpu again and looked at the pins carefully. From far a single pin looks bent but when I got closer with my torch light it looks fine. But you can tell the shade it looks weird. I think that probably it is. But not sure though when I got closer it looked fine.

SLot 2 4 6 dont work at all. either alone or all paired. slot 3 and 4 dont work either alone as well.

The only slot work are 1 and 5. Anywyas I have finally given it up and just just just packed it and will be shipping it tomorrow for RMA as MSI gave me an RMA number.

However, I have learnt my lesson. In the future I will not take out the cpu unless I am putting a different one in. It sucks not having your pc and using your wife's laptop:(
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