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a good cooler should be at acceptable noise levels even at 100% load, truth is the v6 isn't that great a a matter of fact its not much different from the H212+ just loaded with 2 crazy fast/loud fans just to put it higher on performance charts...then again the A70 isnt much better for AMD as ur forced to go north-south....

tbh i wouldnt go with either and just go for an armagedon (when it goes on sale for 20-30$ and just pick up 2 nice pwm fans with it) or if you can't w8 for that to happen just go for the H212+ for good temps/mounting or just go super cheap (15$) for a Vendetta 2 keeps my friends 955BE@4ghz at 45C under prime95 load even though it also only mounts N-S!

fact is AMD cpus dont run hot and dont need expensive coolers...just buy something not too loud that is cost effective.
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